Welcome to the Bursary Department

The Bursary Department is responsible for managing the financial affairs of Federal Polytechnic Ayede, including budgeting, financial planning, disbursement of funds, and financial reporting. It plays a crucial role in ensuring the effective and efficient use of financial resources to support the institution's academic and administrative activities.

Message from the Bursary Department:

Dear Students, Staff, and Stakeholders,

Welcome to the Bursary Department, your partner in financial management at Federal Polytechnic Ayede.

As the custodian of the institution's finances, the Bursary Department is committed to upholding the highest standards of financial integrity, transparency, and accountability. We work tirelessly to ensure that financial resources are allocated and utilized in accordance with established policies, regulations, and best practices.

Whether it's processing payments, managing payroll, preparing financial statements, or providing financial advice and guidance, our dedicated team of professionals is here to serve the needs of students, faculty, staff, and external stakeholders.

At Federal Polytechnic Ayede, we recognize the importance of financial sustainability and prudent financial management in achieving our strategic objectives. We strive to optimize resources, minimize financial risks, and enhance the overall financial health of the institution.

As members of the Bursary Department, we are committed to providing timely, accurate, and reliable financial services to support the academic and administrative functions of Federal Polytechnic Ayede. Your trust and confidence in our abilities are deeply appreciated.

Thank you for entrusting us with the responsibility of managing the financial affairs of Federal Polytechnic Ayede. Together, let us work towards a prosperous and financially secure future for our institution.

Warm regards,

Alhaja Rashidat Titilola Oladepo
Head of Bursar Department
Federal Polytechnic Ayede